The Clarksons’ team spirit

My profession isn’t popular nowadays. However, I’ve never been the one to follow modern trends, neither in fashion, not in any other sphere. I’m Molly Clarkson and I’m a pottery maker. I create decorative pieces and dishes for everyday use. Though it’s not a very profitable business, I don’t complain. I earn enough to support my family and go on vacation twice a year. My husband shares my interests so we do lots of things together: fishing, travelling, birdwatching or making pots. Our last hobby is painting dishes with acrylic paints. We experiment with designs and depict animals, flowers or abstract patterns on plates. The results look fantastic!



Forever devoted to art!

I rarely buy stuff on the Internet cause I can’t touch it. And I hate obtrusive sellers who persuade me that life’s impossible without nutcrackers. If you still resist their perfect proposition, be ready to receive tons of other offers on your mail. Besides, it often occurs that your acquisition differs from what’s displayed on the website. Yeah, marketing is a powerful thing, but who wins if the client is dissatisfied in the upshot? That’s why I prefer local markets and malls. There I can see goods, probe them and even smell them. It’ll be only my fault for not paying enough attention to their quality, size or fabric. I don’t want to generalize and say that all online shops are bad. There is an exception! And I know it for sure now!


Once I was looking for a canvas in order to decorate blank walls of our living-room with something catchy. Maybe it was my unlucky day but I came back home empty-handed. Then my husband Jack said: ‘I don’t insist but let’s surf the net’. I agreed only because I’d been dreaming for a beautiful living-room for so-o-o long! And that’s how we came across Leonid Afremov works. At first, we didn’t believe they were hand-painted and decided to find out more info about the artist. We read about his family, his unique style and career in general. Many facts prove that he’s a very experienced painter:


  • Leonid has been interested in art since school years.
  • Whenever he could, he improved his skills taking private lessons from local artists, participating in school exhibitions or just being diligent in college.
  • He developed his style through years. Earlier Afremov worked with watercolors and acrylic. However, today he’s famous for a palette-knife technique.
  • Life treated the artist hard. Being a Russian immigrant, he was discriminated and limited in themes for painting. Only in 2004 Leonid got freedom to depict what he really wanted.


Making the order in, we were still afraid that Afremov gallery was a bunco. But our intuition didn’t let us down! When the canvas was delivered, I couldn’t help smiling. The colors were gorgeous! We also got the authenticity certificate signed by Leonid. Jack wanted to hang it on the wall too, but I thought we’d better buy another piece by Afremov. And I advise you to do the same! His works are unbelievable, as if created by a wizard!






Dotted over

My works are modest compared to Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dotted pieces. This woman is 88 and she’s still the icon of the New York avant-garde. The artist was born in Japan and lives there at present. Yayoi is known not only for painting. She’s also a writer, a sculptor and in addition, she’s created significant works in film and fashion design. I’ve found her crazy collection here Just look at those psychedelic colors! Even the cover of the book is made in Kusama’s distinctive style. There’s a jigsaw puzzle too if you scroll the page down. Oh, it’ll be difficult to choose the right piece among a thousand of identical ones! However, Yayoi’s red and white towel is nice, I might have bought it. But speaking about soft sculpture balloons, they’re too eccentric for a garden. Great idea with the playing cards, as for me. There are words written on the ace of diamonds: ‘My eternal soul’. I wonder which inscriptions Kusama has made on other cards in the pack.

Yayoi organizes exhibitions in leading museums of the world, including Centre Pompidou in Paris, the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I’d like to get acquainted with this inventive woman! In fact, I easily find a common language with artists!